"On Beauty Betrodden"
(January 2019) The Hunger
"One Afternoon in Amsterdam" and "The Apartment on Russian Hill"
(January 2020) The Indianapolis Review
"Out of the Frame"
(February 2019) Prelude
(September 2019) Spillway
"Closer to Rome"
(October 2019) Small Orange Journal
"The Roar at Wrigley Field"
(April 2020) Small Orange Journal

"Walking Through the Underworld"(June 2020)
"A Love Song"(June 2020)
Sunspot Literary Journal "Unrequited by the Sun" (June 2020)
"From LA with Love" (July 2020)
"Motel Room 1" (July 2020) Wild Roof Journal
"Amour Absolu" (August 2020) Red Fez
"In the Footsteps of Telemachus" (August 2020) Bangalore Review
"Taking Down the New Year's Tree" (August 2020) The Lake
"Sunday Morning," Beach-Bound" and "Birth's Order"(September 2020) Saccharine Poetry
The Recluse "Tempera"(September 2020)The Poetry Project's
"Locked (Via Auxerre France)," "Don't Tell the Women" and "Underwater (October 2020) The Write Launch
"Ode to Strunk and White" (October 2020) Rabid Oak
"The Long Drive" (November 2020) Wild Roof Journal
"Day's Break" and "Portrait of Bella" (November 2020) Aji Magazine
"Together, Alone" (November 2020, Pandemic edition) Sleet
"In the Fish Tank" and "The Flow of Good & Evil" (forthcoming) The Concrete Desert Review

"Untitled II (If I Were a Bird)" (December 2020) Otis Nebula
"Razluka," "Time of Death," "Lenin" and "Voice of America" (forthcoming) Mantis

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One Afternoon in Amsterdam /

Spillway /Monolith 

Small Orange Journal /Closer to Rome